U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.

Collective Effort

Common Interest

By F1 being in New York, F1 harnesses the magnifying power of New York. 

Which means the members of F1 (owners, teams, sponsors, constructors, even North American promoters) have a valid mutually beneficial basis to collaborate in a collective effort, to present and promote Formula One from New York, with a broad, unified image.

First, all North American venues promoting their respective annual race and events, within the context of the region.  This means all types of advertising could be arranged and produced to continuously illustrate and promote all regional races, whether past, present, or future, of the current season, resulting in cross-venue-promotion of each race throughout the region.

Logically, within the context of "F1 in NY", a proposed venue at Jones Beach and an advertising campaign by F1 in Manhattan, means the independent North American promoters could have their individual race credibly advertised in New York, something they could not necessarily achieve on their own.

Second, the synchronized effort by F1, teams, constructors, and sponsors, to seasonally modify (at least in the beginning) their existing F1 and non-F1 North-American advertising campaigns, to temporarily incorporate the North American races.

Something as simple as, Mercedes-Benz, FIAT (FCA), Red Bull, Emirates, UPS, etc, seasonally indicating they are proud member/sponsors of the Formula One North American races.  By seasonally incorporating each venue graphic and race date at the end of their commercials, online advertising, and print format.

Then, guess what?  Maybe, just maybe, F1's target market in this part of the world will begin to notice Formula One, consider F1, follow F1, love F1 as the rest of the world does, and then, the F1 audience here will begin to grow.

A collective effort on such a scale, supported from all sides by the F1 family and enhanced by a permanent promotional campaign in Manhattan (scope and scale to be determined), would allow the many brands within F1 a credible platform to advertise together, within the context of F1.  Thus, substituting F1's historically fragmented image in North America with a symmetric image, essentially magnifying F1 to target audiences.