U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.


New York     A Good Start

The annual arrival of F1 to New York, could itself serve as an all-day, Manhattan based, promotional and media event, on a global scale.

Formula One's arrival could be comprised of a proposed motorcade, of a team trailers departing from either a staging area at JFK Airport or Jones Beach, to a staging area in Manhattan.  For example Bryant Park, Central Park South, Rockefeller Center, Wall Street, where promotional, yet functional F1 cars could be off-loaded and displayed the night before a principal media event the next morning.

Since the proposed race at Jones Beach would likely take place during the warmer months, the city would be full of tourists.  So the night time arrival of  F1 to Manhattan could be organized as a preliminary event itself, with race cars and trailers visible to the public, attracting much attention.

The next morning, a global F1 media event could be held in conjunction with other North American venues, city and state officials, Formula One Group, team principals, drivers, sponsors, and guests.

The proposed event would be reported locally & nationally, also, by international media agencies, since more than 15 nationalities are represented within F1 racing, and every news agency on planet earth has offices in Manhattan.

The specific location of this proposed media event can remain fixed throughout the day, or, the day could be divided into two, even three parts, morning, afternoon, and evening, at different locations within Manhattan.

In this multi-location scenario, once the principal media event is over, an F1 motorcade comprised of a number of F1 cars, team trailers, and support staff could conceivably depart towards the next location.

On route, promotional F1 cars could traverse Manhattan, visible, and audible to the public, and the world.  An alternate way of getting F1 cars on the streets of Manhattan each year.  At each of the other stop(s), additional media and promotional events can also be held.

This motorcade of F1 cars and team trailers could make their way on a predetermined and timed route guided across Manhattan with the assistance of the New York Police Department, who would facilitate temporary road closures, seamlessly clearing  the way from point to point.

The cost of this annual promotional event and additional race car, could be achieved through a reasonable shift in each teams substantial, existing budget, and or, through additional sponsorship revenue, in lieu of the scale and scope of the event.

This proposed, all-day promotional/media event, whether in a fixed location or multiple locations, can be effectively promoted through social-media.

Such an F1 event, held annually in Manhattan would generate local-to-global spectrum media coverage, and serve as a tangible platform (as do all the other platforms outlined within this proposal) to exclusively advertise all brands within F1, all F1 races, including their respective venue, host city and host country.  Therefore, encapsulating all the global aspects of F1.