U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.



The following two modifications would be required to realize a temporary race venue at Jones Beach.

The first modification, see above, requires the mostly narrow median along 4,500 feet of Ocean Parkway to be removed, in order to create a 50 foot (15 meter) wide roadway required for a Formula One circuit.  Then, the roadway can be re-graded and re-paved as one continuous surface.   See above area bracketed in yellow.

Subsequently, reinforced, double sided inter-locking concrete barriers, can be installed to adequately separate the east and west bound traffic on Ocean Parkway.

(Note: This long section of Ocean Parkway and the median, have undergone multiple transformations over the decades.)

The second modification, involves the clearing of approximately 6 acres located immediately to the left of the West Bathhouse.  This area could accommodate a temporary, modular, multi-level garage/pit building.

It is precisely this type of modular construction, which could very well be the basis allowing the structure to remain, knowing that, if needed, the entire structure can be dismantled and removed.

Of course, within the scope of this project, it is conceivable for a permanent, multi-purpose building to be constructed at this location. Functioning as the garage during the race,  and as a year around public indoor sports complex / public-use space, the balance of the year.

Once the area is cleared, all utilities could be brought to the site, then asphalt and concrete surfaces could be poured creating the foundation, on which modular precast concrete sections can be put into place creating the base garage level (foundation), with extra high ceilings providing a dual-purpose, as an indoor sports complex / large public space, usable the rest of the year.

The garage level would function as a foundation itself, on top of which, modular sections, over-engineered for longevity, with finished interiors, including utilities (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, data, etc.) ready to be connected to adjacent section(s), to form the second level.

A third modular level can also be engineered, allowing for additional modular hospitality suites, offices, temporary grandstand or a mixture of each.

In an alternate scenario, the entire structure can be engineered with a steel beam skeleton, on which finished, interconnected modular sections can be installed, then covered with a precast concrete exterior.

As with all pit-row hospitality suites, they face pit-row, and the circuit on one side, and the F1 Paddock on the other. In this case, the second level on the south side of this proposed garage/pit building, would also have panoramic views of the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, the south side (ocean side) of the second level could be designed allowing for a generous area dedicated for public use, such as a year around café, reading room, or simply a viewing room overlooking the ocean. 


A new,  underground walkway tunnel, will be needed to the west of the three existing tunnels, in order to connect the beachfront boardwalk, with the acres of new parkland to the north.


New walkways from the boardwalk,  to the underground tunnel.


New parking lots, comfort stations, and temporary modular walkways, crisscrossing the newly formed parkland. Connecting the new parking lots to the sections of asphalt circuit, and the sections of circuit to each other.

Crosswalks, lights, and multiple speed-bumps would be installed where the circuit intersects the North-South cut-through road, facilitating the safe crossing of pedestrians and cyclists.

(Note: During the re-grading process, the North-South cut-through road, located west of parking field 3, could conceivably be moved further west, outside the perimeter of the new parkland.)

(Note: This proposed circuit allows for public thu-traffic during race weekend, from the Meadowbrook, Wantagh, and Ocean Parkways in all directions, by utilizing the existing traffic pattern comprised of  Bay Parkway to the north, and  the existing exit ramps & turnarounds.  In the event maxi-grandstands are used north of the circuit, then traffic on Bay Parkway would be prohibited.)

(Note: This proposed venue creates near zero-impact to the boardwalk and beach going experience.)