U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.


Nassau County     Historic Precedent     

Since Jones Beach is on a barrier island, the following towns would play a vital role due to their strategic proximity to the park:

  • Freeport
  • Merrick
  • Bellmore
  • Wantagh
  • Long Beach

Nassau County map indicating the towns of Freeport, Merrick, Bellmore, Wantagh, Seaford.

The first 5 towns are on the same Long Island Railroad (LIRR) train line located on Sunrise highway, immediately north of Jones Beach.

While the town of Long Beach, has its own LIRR line located on Lido Blvd.  The vibrant town of Long Beach, with its own boardwalk, many restaurants, bars, and nightlife, is perfectly situated as an additional gateway town to the race.

In addition, all 6 towns have their respective LIRR train station located immediately in front of their respective business districts.

These towns will gain recognition as gateways to the proposed F1 race at Jones Beach, and will have the opportunity to organize and present themselves to visiting F1 fans from around the world,  allowing visitors to be directly informed, and guided towards local restaurants, services, and businesses.

The train station of each town will function as the important first stop for many tourists arriving in Nassau County during Grand Prix week.  Dedicated bus service would connect the train stations to Jones Beach during race weekend.  These hubs would handle a steady flow of visitors, while the Long Island Rail Road's 24-hour train schedule, will allow tourists the maximum flexibility to arrive and depart at will. 

Jones Beach is serviced by no less than four parkways, both the  Meadowbrook and Wantagh Parkways, from the north, Ocean Parkway from the east,  and the Loop Parkway from the west, which connects to the Meadowbrook Parkway.  -see above.

Freeport, an established summertime destination with its revitalized Nautical Mile, could play a strategic role due to its proximity to the park.  During Grand Prix weekend, the Nautical Mile could be linked to the Freeport LIRR train station via bus service, creating a direct connection to waterfront restaurants, and bars.

Freeport's proximity to the park, combined with its large charter fishing and party boat fleet, could constitute a unique nautical link to Jones Beach by providing ferry service, allowing visitors an elegant means of arriving and departing the proposed U.S. Grand Prix, by sea.