U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.

A Good Start

Proposed viewing of F1 race and highlights in Bryant Park.

A Good Start.

Undeniably, it is the high concentration of people and tourists within Manhattan which justifies  seasonally broadcasting F1 races, and race highlights, within the following public spaces:

  • Bryant Park (above)
  • Central Park (below)
  • Times Square
  • Seaport District Pier 17
  • Hudson Yards

Essentially, making F1 visible, while simultaneously connecting the F1 brand, and all the individual brands within F1, to the non-motorsports public, local F1 fans, and international fans who are visiting Manhattan.

For example, partnering with Bryant Park and Central Park, to utilize their existing jumbo-screens, or to independently place a large screen, possibly a large viewing tent within these parks, to seasonally broadcast races, race highlights, and hold promotional events seasonally on Saturdays and Sundays.

Logically, such promotional events can be held in conjunction with the Department of Tourism of the host country, of the given race, which most certainly has offices in Manhattan.

Since almost every nationality is represented in Manhattan, and within the New York Tri-State Area, social media could be effectively utilized to magnify F1's presence in New York, promote each race, and its host city & country, year after year.

Through New York, F1 can finally acquire a meaningful level of visibility, allowing F1's presently unconnected target market in this part of the world, to effortlessly connect to F1.  While the world, gains an exciting new way to remain connected with F1, via New York.

In time, these and other locations in Manhattan, will become known around the world via social media, as race-day viewing points.

Proposed viewing of F1 races and highlights in Central Park.

Then, there is Times Square.  In a collective effort, the numerous companies which constitute Formula One can shift their existing advertising resources, then advertise their respective brands jointly,  within the context of F1, on a jumbo-screen with  race-clock.

Of course, a static large-scale F1 billboard with race-clock can also be added to advertise each race, host city, host county, alongside multiple member/sponsor companies of F1.

Whether on jumbo-screens or billboards, whether in Times Square or JFK International Airport, this proposal presents a way to finally tie together all the global components of F1, and present them through this global city.

In doing so, millions of people annually will see a complete image of F1.  Then, social media will do the rest, since those same people will send F1 around the world to countless more people.  Exponentially advertising F1, it's teams, sponsors, races, venues, respective host cities, and host countries.

With a viable F1 race venue being proposed at Jones Beach, the F1 family (owners, teams, sponsors) would have the basis (justification) to join together here in Manhattan, and promote F1 to it's target market,  as never before in the history of sport.

All things considered, a multi-layered dual-position presence by F1 in New York State, both visible and credible, comprised of Jones Beach, which is visited by 6 million people annually, and Manhattan, which is visited by 55 million tourist annually, with a population of 1.6 million, all within the sphere of the Tri-State Area comprised of 20 million people,  would attract new sponsors to F1, both large and small. 



In addition.

Around the world, local media across all time-zones broadcast the New Year's Eve celebrations of other principal cities, as a lead-up to their own countdown to the New Year, or part of their respective post festivities.

It becomes conceivable for F1 to periodically sponsor the New Year's Eve festivities in Times Square.  A most befitting role for this, the premier global motor sport.

. .

Regarding the importance of advertising and promoting from Manhattan, two memorable examples are worth mentioning. 


The first, comes from beloved British Airways.  Many years ago, when British Airways wanted to advertise, it came to Manhattan.

The British Airways campaign turned out to be one of the most successful and memorable advertising campaigns ever held in Manhattan, accomplished with little more than a model of the Concorde, and billboards.  One billboard was located immediately upon exiting the mid-town tunnel on the Manhattan side.  (You couldn't miss it.)