U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.

New York

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What can be said about the importance of Formula One being in New York, and how to achieve it?

To bridge F1 to its target market, while simultaneously creating a new, national, regional, and global face for F1.

It is logical for this global racing series, to have a somewhat of a global center, a highly visible point-of-reference, through which the F1 brand, and all it's races, can be promoted and sustained long term.

Jones Beach represents the most ideal, accessible, oceanfront large-scale venue imaginable for F1 within New York.  Comprised, of a proposed circuit surrounded by elevated grandstands, the race will not be behind the spectators, out of sight, but visible.  

Yet, even with such a formidable venue within the New York Tri-State Area there exists a reality, that a second race in America, whether in Jones Beach, Manhattan, Miami, Las Vegas, or Weehawken, will require even more, and quietly everyone knows it.

Therefore, the second phase of this dual-position strategy  becomes clear, as Manhattan represents the most ideal commercially and demographically correct platform imaginable, from which to promote the F1 brand.

At this stage, no other city in America, or the world really, can provide Formula One with such a constant, high level of visibility, essentially providing the F1 family (owners, teams, sponsors) a new global beacon.

Justified entirely, by New York's standing as a capital city, does it become truly possible to discussed, develop, and implement, a permanent advertising presence by F1 in Manhattan, from which all F1 races can be advertised, allowing social media to then exponentially promote all F1 races even further.  Thus, including, and not alienating F1's independent promoters around the world due to F1's partnership model with New York State.

The scope of a permanent promotional campaign in Manhattan would be decided based on maximum visibility and economic benefit, but maintained through new commercial advertising revenue and an intelligent shift in F1' s existing resources, which are in many respects being allocated to the wrong places.

Therefore, this website proposes a partnership with New York State to achieve a temporary race venue at Jones Beach, and in its second phase, an F1 advertising presence in Manhattan, a city visited by 55 million tourists annually. A large percentage of those visitors constituting both F1's international target market and existing F1 fan base.  Thus, providing F1 an unparalleled second position within the New York Tri-State Area, comprised of 20 million people.

This dual-position strategy (Jones Beach and Manhattan) can provide F1 unprecedented local-to-global spectrum visibility and support, while assuring a successful and sustainable two-race U.S. platform in America by simply leaving nothing to chance.

 "F1 in NY"

"F1 in N.Y.", means exclusivity.

F1 can connect with Manhattan itself, through memorable annual affiliations with the following key locations, landmarks, and institutions.


 Bryant Park:

Seasonally, for strategic, high visibility, public race viewing, promotional events, and advertising. 


 Central Park:

 Seasonally, for strategic, high visibility, public race viewing, promotional events, and advertising. 

Herald Square

Herald Square

 Seasonal advertising.  


Union Square

 Seasonal advertising.  

Times Square New York F1 jumbotron image.

Times Square 

The cross-roads of the world, where a permanent F1 presence can be established, with a dedicated F1 Race Clock, and jumbo screen showing each race, and or, race highlights. Effectively making the F1 brand (including teams, sponsors, constructors, venues, host cities, and  host countries) visible to millions of people annually, and many more millions around the world via social media.

In addition (or alternatively), a jumbo billboard can be acquired here, whereby the billboard with race clock is updated for each F1 race throughout the season.  Of course, the whole F1 family (owners, teams, sponsors, constructors) can jointly advertise their respective brands through these and other outlets cited within this proposal, through a reasonable shift in their existing advertising budgets.

By jointly advertising within the context of F1, and dividing the cost, a new, unprecedented, unified, and uniform image of F1 can emerge here in New York.  Thus, tying together all the global aspects of F1, while effectively promoting all races. 

Rockefeller Center, New York for annual F1 promotional event.

 Rockefeller Center: Where the flags of the world fly.  

A befitting place from which to seasonally promote this global racing series comprised of over 15 nationalities. 

Grand Central Station and the new Penn Station

 Grand Central Station and the new Penn Station for seasonal F1 advertising or promotional events.

  Grand Central Station:
Seasonal advertising. 


The new Penn Station:
Atrium, seasonal advertising. 


The new Penn Station:

Entrance, seasonal advertising. 

Seaport District, Pier 17:
Seasonal F1 advertising, promotional events,  and race viewing. Pier 17.

 Seaport District, Pier 17:
Seasonally, for promotional events and race viewing at the new Pier 17, on the East River, next to 

the Brooklyn Bridge. 



John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK):
Yes, even the airport  has role to play should F1 come to New York.  Since  a small fleet of cargo planes arriving at JFK, off-loading Scuderia Ferrari, Mercedes Racing, Red Bull Racing, Williams Racing, Mclaren, HASS, Renault, Alfa-Romeo, and others, will be an event itself, making local and international news every year.

("The JFK effect")

Additionally, within Terminal 4 (T4) at JFK, where Emirates happens to be located, large-format advertising banners are already hung from the structural beams of the terminals curved roof. Making T4 an ideal place to hang F1 banners advertising all North American races, or multiple banners listing all race venues, and race dates around the world.  In another example, two large-scale F1 car models placed wheel-to-wheel, as not to see the bottom of the cars, could also be suspended dramatically from the high ceiling of the terminal.

Prominent F1 banners can be situated in the American Airlines Terminal 8, and

British Airways Terminal 7, acknowledging the connection to the American owners of F1,

and F1's British roots, respectively.

Retail: Macys.  F1 apparel and merchandise.

 Retail: Macys 


Well, the locations in Manhattan available to the owners, teams, sponsors, constructors, and  their respective New York Tri-State Dealers, to host private and public events, is very long indeed.

Radio: W Q X R
Reaching yet another sector of the New York target market by strategically sponsoring the WQXR, classical music summer concerts, which fill Central Park.

Television: The New York Morning Shows
The drivers of F1 could make strategic annual appearances on the New York Morning Show circuit, meaningfully bridging F1 to potential audiences.  Through in-studio interviews, or live interviews from around the world, audiences in North America will be introduced to the global scale, and exciting racing environment of F1.

Television: W L I W 
Each year, let Laura Savini and the other dynamic hosts of W L I W  bring the fascinatingly rich and exciting history of F1 into the living rooms of Long Islanders, and New Yorkers.  By offering exciting one-of-a-kind promotional items, consisting of merchandise, signed memorabilia, books, videos, apparel, tickets, tours, packages, special access, event access, meet & greets, etc.

Broadcasting from Garden City, Long Island, W L I W becomes a powerful and most graceful means to introduce the men and women of F1, promote each race and its respective host city & country, to F1's target market throughout the New York area.

Whether in person at the W L I W studios in Garden City, or through pre-recorded interviews from locations around the world, the exciting back-stories of each team, the global appeal of F1, and the people of F1, can finally be seen and credibly understood.

New York State:
The New York State license plate, meaningfully embellished with the F1 logo.