U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.

Common Interest

Collective Effort

The common interest for most, if not all members and sponsors of Formula One, is that America remains one of their largest commercial markets.

Therefore, a sustainable New York venue part of a greater re-evaluated, local,  national, and regional platform, would be profoundly beneficial to ALL within the F1 family.

One common obstacle to expanding Formula One in America, is the seemingly limitless types of entertainment. This presents real challenges to an expansion, since an expansion requires an expanded audience.  But first, the audience must be reached.

Over the decades, Formula One was unsuccessful in rooting itself in America, and forced to leave the U.S. market multiple times.  Due in part  to it's past business model as previously discussed, a lack of non-motorsports media coverage, and F1's own historically stupefying lack of self-promotion within the United States.

Of course, these departures from America led to multiple re-entry attempts in 1958, 1989, 2000, and most recently in 2012 to Austin, Texas, and Circuit of the Americas.

Now that F1 has been reinstated at Circuit of the Americas, and the sport itself sold to Liberty Media, it is Liberty Media who has essentially inherited this 60- year-old problem of where to expand, and how to sustain F1 in America?

To date, these problems go unsolved remaining the source of multiple solutions, wide-ranging speculation, and great expectations.

Mr. Chase Carey and Mr. Ross Brawn have been working diligently at developing solutions.  Yet, after decades, the debate persists because it is more difficult now than ever before to attempt an expansion, requiring a multi-layered, credible, and sustainable solution.

After these past years, it's abundantly clear that F1 in America has entered another painfully familiar period of stasis.  If Liberty Media is happy with F1's presence here, then there really isn't much else to do, since the Circuit of the Americas is a success, and F1 is right back to doing what it's always done in America, arrive, race, and leave.

On the other hand, if the plan is to increase F1's footprint in America, for the purpose of increasing sponsorship revenue, then motorsports fans and motorsports news may not be enough to expand awareness, fill seats, fuel ratings & revenue, attract new sponsors, or necessarily lead to long-term stability.  Formula One's presence in America must be confidently expanded outside the motorsports sector, as F1 has successfully done in the rest of the world.

A meaningful way to achieve this transition, and finally break through to its vast non-motorsport target market, is to become visible and remain visible on the local-to-global spectrum.

F1 Teams

For those of you unfamiliar with Formula One, it is comprised of the following teams, and behind each team, the following individuals, companies, their respective sponsors and suppliers.   - All things considered, F1  belongs in New York.

Scuderia Ferrari: The Agnelli family, The Ferrari family, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Mission Winnow, Shell, Ray Ban, Riva, Kasperski, UPS, Lenovo, Weichal, Hublot, Mahle, OLLR, Pirelli, Puma, Eightcap, Infor, SKF, NGK, Vista Jet, Brembo, Expreris, Riedel, Iveco, Palantir, BELL, Alfa-Romeo, Garrett, Technogym, Sabelt.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team: Mercedes-Benz, Petronas, INEOS, UBS, Epson, BOSE, Tommy Hillfiger, IWC, Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Marriott BONVoy, Monster Energy Beverage, Pure Storage, Crowd Strike, TIBCO. AMD.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing: Mr. Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull, Rauch, Honda, Mobile 1 Esso, Aston Martin, TAG-Heuer, IBM, Citrlx, Siemens, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ATT, Pierelli, DITA, W66.COM.

McLaren F1 Team: MCLAREN, Volvo Trucks, Sikkens AzkoNobel,  Mazak Machine Tools, MARELLI, FAI Aviation Group, Ashurst, VIVE, Akebono, Enkei, Vive, Mazak Machine Tools, Marelli, TechnoGym, Stratsys, Lucas, itlab, Kaust, Hookit, WIPRO, Alienware, Huami, Ultimotive. 

Williams Racing: Sir Frank Williams, Ms. Clair Williams, and the Williams family, ROKiT, AKB Brewing, Bogarts, Bandero, Acronis, Sofina, LaVazza, RBC, NETJETS, FT Financial Times, Ponos, Pierelli, AlpineStars, APL, PPG, Dtex, Thales, Crew Clothing Company.

Scuderia AlphaTauri Honda:  Red Bull, myWorld, MOOSE, Red Bull, Honda, Edifice Casio, Randstad, RDS, Riedel, Siemens, Red Bull Mobile, Hangar 7 and Pirelli. 

Renault F1 Team: Renault,  Castrol, Infiniti, RCi, MAPFRE, BP Ultimate, Dupont, Microsoft, Bell & Ross, TMALL, Eurodatacar, Genii Capital, Le coq sportif, 3D systems, Alpinestars, Boeing, Breton, Cannondale, Elysium, GF Machining solutions, Hechter, Hexis, HP, ixell, Jabil, Matrix, OZ Racing, PerkinElmer, Siemens, Verizon Media, Volume Graphics, Yxlon and Pirelli. 

HASS F1 Team: Mr. Gene Hass,  Haas Automation, Jack & Jones, Peak, Blue DEF, Stichd, Alpinestars, Richard Mille, Nominet Cyber, and Pirelli. 

Alfa Romeo Racing Orien:  Alfa Romeo, Sauber, PKN ORLEN, Adler Pelzer Group, Carrera, Claro, Richard Mille, Singha, Additive industries, EGV1, GlobeAir, Hewlett Packard, Iveco, Marelli, Mitsubishi Electric, Save the Children, Sparco, Walter Meier, 3D Systems, AB Dynamic, Brutsch-Ruegger, Carbon Connect, Interoll, Quintus, Riedel, Singapore Airlines and Pirelli.

SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team:  Bombardier, Breast Cancer Care, BWT, Canadalife, Claro, Infinitum, JCB, Magnesium, NEC, SpScore.com, Sport Pesa, Telcel, Telmex, Acronis, Adaptavist, Alpinestars, IFS, OrangeBus, Ravenol, Univa, 3D Systems, Condeco, EBB3, GTECHNIQ, Hackett, Macauley, RNT Rausch, SAS, Schuberth, STL, UPS Direct, Voip Unlimited and Pirelli.