U.S. Grand Prix at Jones beach
A proposal to bring F1 to New York.


If you have never visited Jones Beach, then you cannot imagine how wonderful, vast, and magical a place it is.  Whether on a summer day in July, a winter day in January, or a rainy, misty day in April, Jones Beach, and its extraordinary sense of space, has the ability to transform you.  I, like many Long Islanders and New Yorkers, know this to be true.

As a result, this proposal was born out of a great love for Jones Beach, immense passion for F1, and the belief, that F1 belongs in New York.  Also, steeped in the belief, that a mutually beneficial agreement between New York State and F1 is not only possible, but long overdue.

Jones Beach represents the ideal location within the New York Tri-State Area to create a temporary, large-scale race venue, resulting in acres of new parkland.  Such a venue, would itself justify the creation of an unprecedented, joint-advertising presence in Manhattan, by the owners, teams, and sponsors of Formula One, capable of promoting all F1 races around the world.

Achieving, what was thought impossible, an F1 race in New York, and the creation of a supporting unified image of F1 in America, visible to millions of people annually.

A dual-position strategy of F1 in New York (Jones Beach & Manhattan), would be unprecedented, and sustainably project F1, locally, nationally, regionally, and globally, year after year.  Resulting in the logical increase of F1's audience and sponsorship revenue, but equally as important, become the foundation of a sustainable two-race U.S. platform with Austin, Texas, and an expanded & funded Jones Beach State Park.

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Lino Tesone  




 A proposal to bring F1 to New York. 

U.S. Grand Prix at Jones Beach

Jones Beach State Park